Brand Identity & Strategy // PRATERSAUNA Vienna


Branding of the most famous club in Austria – the Pratersauna Vienna.

PRATERSAUNA – Social Life & Art Space

This former sweat’n’bang wellness center surrounded by the peaceful Prater greens is an old-school Viennese institution (1965), still unspoiled by its original architecture and its dubious reputation. Its minimalistic space combining 60’s charm with contemporary interior and art design is set up as a ‘micro cosmos’ for creative communities.

The Tasks was to create an identity that visualized the vision of this unique project. Built from scratch in early 2009 the venue was voted for one of europes best clubs by De:Bug Magazine in december 2010.

CREDITS (and many thanks to):
Original Photography (1980-2000) by Michael Dürr
Club Interior & People Photography by Claudio Farkasch /
Toilets by AAA / All Austrian Artists
BYS concept by Johanna Suryanto
BYS Photography by Lukas ‘white’ Gansterer /
Lounge Tables by GiftGrün
Visuals and light concepts by lichterloh
Managing Directors, style benchmarks and conceptual wizards Mag. Hennes Weiss & Mag. Stefan Hiess

Branding & art direction by Axel Walek MA